Welcome to Piranha Babies


An insight into the Magical world of Piranha…

Our Piranha baby and toddler classes go way beyond the expectations of a baby swim class. Our renowned Under 3s programme was designed by Danielle Frazer, Piranha founder and owner of Piranha Babies. The programme incorporates a collection of innovative techniques from around the world.

The Piranha baby method is built on not a just a passion for swimming but a passion for coaching children and inspiring them to achieve each milestone with confidence.

The Journey is accessible to all babies over the age of 9 weeks. We ensure that from your very first dip in the Piranha pool you begin a positive experience with your little one. Being a new parent can be daunting and our team will make you feel welcome and in safe hands right from the start. Whether you are water confident, a swimmer or non-swimmer we welcome all parents to our classes and will guide you on the most unique and magical bonding adventure of a lifetime with your mini me.

Introducing a child to water is a vital part of their early development…. We eliminate fears before they exist. After all, our aim is to get children excited about swimming- a lifelong skill they will use for the rest of their lives.

At Piranha Babies we are passionate about delivering sessions that inspire a child’s imagination, bring personality and excitement that enables you and your child to bond quickly with your environment and your Big Piranha Instructor.

The Piranha way makes you feel relaxed and welcome in a laid back environment. Our sessions are all about coaching confidence both baby and parent. Our bespoke sessions recognise that every child is different and will bring their own little personality to the pool. Our sessions are adapted to suit all.

Let us coach you to confidence and enable you to deliver ultimate gift to your child… the priceless gift of water confidence.